DIY Projects

01 Timber Decking

Few home improvements can match a wood deck for usefulness, beauty and enhanced value to a home.

02 Dog House

Every dog needs a home. Show your best friend how much you care by building his or her home yourself.

03 Timber Fence

A straightforward 5 step process that will help make constructing a fence a breeze.

04 Garden Arch

This garden arch features a cross-hatch lattice design on the sides and a curved arch overhead.

05 Garden Bench

This garden or deck bench is an easy project with simple

06 Pergola

Need shade from the sun, more privacy, or protection from the wind? This pergola may be just what you need.

07 Planter Box

This planter box is a breeze to make. A simple design that will add special something to your outdoor decor.

08 Tap Washer

In this article will show you the causes of leaking and dripping taps and explain the methods of effectively rectifying them.

09 Wine Rack

A great looking wine rack that, because of its modular design, can easily be expanded to accommodate a growing wine collection.

10 Timber Window Repair

The ABC's of fixing a timber window and helping to make it work like new.